Why ICADA for organic and natural cosmetics

  • a premium quality label
  • only for authentic organic- and natural cosmetics companies
  • no discounters, trend surfers or cheap products
  • nature orientation in company-culture and product philosophy is obligatory
  • organic- and natural cosmetics companies are recognizable again by the ICADA label
  • international, ethical, organic and nature
  • simple: no explanation necessary for stars, steps, organic or natural classes or calculation -methods
  • transparency, honesty, all rules on the internet
  • international availability
  • managed reliably by ethical points of view
  • continuous improvement by the latest knowledge from research, dermatology, natural substance research, cosmetic science...

The ICADA sign is consciously strict:

  • 80% of the products must be conform to ICADA after transition period
  • Only authentic natural cosmetics companies are authorized by ICADA. Imitators, who pick raw material from a positive list and mix a so called "natural cosmetics" formula are not promoted to the image of "natural cosmetics company" at ICADA.
  • ICADA is devoted to the skilled bio/organic trade, which offers special competence and nature philosophy to educate consumers and to accompany organic and natural cosmetics sales
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