Do I have to register to buy goods?

Yes, to buy goods from the online store, you need to register.

You can also place an order by phone: +35924260988, +359897666580


What is the difference between natural and organic cosmetics?

“Natural” are products that contain natural rather than synthetic ingredients, mainly plant-based, but may also contain components of animal origin, such as honey and milk.

The term “organic” is equivalent and require the ingredients not only to be natural but also to come from organic farming. Organic farming relies on a set of goals, principles and practices, the purpose of which is to minimize the human impact on the environment and to ensure the functioning of the agricultural system in the most natural, close to nature way possible.

There are global and European certificates that guarantee the quality of their certified products. These certificates have their own distinctive marks, which are affixed to approved products. Certificates for organic products usually require about 95% of the ingredients to be from organic farming. Certificates for natural products require about the same percentage of natural ingredients. However, there are differences between individual certification bodies and the level of the ingredients.

Leading certification organizations in the field of cosmetics are USDA, ECOCERT, BDIH, ICEA, SOIL ASSOCIATIAN.

In order to be called organic, the product must have an organic-certificate issued by a organic-certification organization, after strict control of the ingredients from their extraction and creation to the final packaging.

The organic certificate is issued every year – ie. organic cosmetics are checked annually.


Is the delivery to an address?

Yes, the delivery is to an address. The order is delivered to the front door, unless otherwise stated in the order.


How much does the delivery cost?

For orders over BGN 100, delivery is FREE for the whole of Bulgaria. The price of delivery for an order under BGN 100 is BGN 6.99 within the city of Sofia and BGN 6.99 for the whole country and does not depend on the size and weight of the shipment!


How do I pay, do I have to have a credit card?

You do not have to have a credit or debit card to pay for an order in the online shop Pure Roots

Other payment methods are:

– Cash on delivery (cash payment upon receipt of the shipment)

– Bank transfer


How do I know that my order has been accepted and will be delivered?

When we receive your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that your order has been accepted, if you do not receive an e-mail, please contact us by phone. +35924260988, +359897666580 or e-mail



During each stage of the formation and confirmation of the order, you have the right to cancel the order. When the order is already activated, it cannot be canceled!

In the event of any change in terms of content, value, terms and conditions for delivery of an order, we will inform you by phone or e-mail and the order will not be sent if we do not receive your personal consent with the changed conditions.

For each order that has already been delivered to your address and you cancel regarding the conditions above, you pay the shipping costs.

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, you have the right to withdraw your order without paying compensation or penalty and without stating a reason for refusal. You can exercise this right within 14 working days from the date on which you received the product and provided that you store the received product, its quality and safety during this period. Product storage includes the preservation and non-destruction of the original packaging of products, non-use of cosmetic products, non-removal of labels of any kind on products or associated with products, non-consumption of products intended for consumption, and other similar actions or non-actions. You need to include the original invoice or order with which you received the products.

Upon refusal and return of products, we will refund the full amount paid by you for the value of the products (the price with VAT you paid for them). The costs for delivery of the products from us to you will be at your expense

You can replace the products you refuse with others or we will refund their value if you do not want a replacement. We refund the value of the products without the cost of delivery. The costs for delivery of the products from us to you will be at your expense.

All amounts paid upon delivery or on the spot, we refund only by bank transfer to your personal account within 14 days from the date on which you notified us of your cancellation of the order. All amounts paid by debit / credit card are refundable.

Pure Roots Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of alva naturkosmetik GmbH, Apeiron Handels GmbH & Co. KG, Sanatur GmbH, allcura Naturheilmittel GmbH and Cellavent Healthcare GmbH for Bulgaria.
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