Auromère oral care

Auromère® system for oral care


Stable oral flora and healthy teeth

Soothes and strengthens gums

Vegan without surfactants or foaming agents fluoride

Auromère® dental care – gentle and effective care for daily oral and dental hygiene for the whole family.

This unique dental care system is based on recipes from the Ayurvedic knowledge of plants and herbs that are traditionally applied in many cases of oral and dental problems.

Oral health affects the whole body. Centuries ago, ancient cultures already knew that the quality of oral hygiene is a requirement for stable oral flora healthy gums and teeth.

To this day, the branches of the tree Nieman chewed as a natural toothbrush. The effective helpers that nature has given to us are used in the Auromère® system for oral care and contain antioxidants, antimicrobial and healing substances.