Natural & Organic Cosmetics for beautiful hair - Keshawa

Apeiron – Keshawa Hair Care System

unique nourishing properties of the eclipta plant

restructuring, also for dyed hait

mild – suitable for neurodermatitis patients, all recipes are silicone-free

Nourishing system for beautiful, strong hair and a healthy scalp

The secret of beauty – Keshawa hair care products are based on traditional Ayurvedic recipes with special restorative properties for hair and scalp. Specially chosen herbal extracts and oils provide pampering, revitalising and gentle care for dry, damaged, brittle hair and a sensitive, irritated scalp. It is not without reason that in Sri Lanka the eclipta plant is called “Queen of hair”. Combined with precious extracts of aamla, centella, vetiver, fenugreek, horsetail, nettle and sage strengthen the structure of the hair and provide silky, healthy hair from root to tip – for visible shine and volume. The word Keshawa originates from the Singhalese language and means “beautiful hair”.

Keshawa Hair Care –Hair care composed by nature

The Eclipta plant – the queen of hair – is the base of every single Keshawa care formulation;

it leaves your hair feeling uniquely and incomparably nurtured.

  • effective and natural silicone-free pH-neutral
  • gentle care for sensitive scalps & scalps affected by neurodermatitis
  • gentle, natural cleaning substances based on sugar and coconut oil
  • ideal for short & long hair
  • suitable for dyed hair
  • all products can be combined