Alva Effitan Insect Protection Spray 100 ml.


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Reliable and safe protects against mosquito bites, ticks, fleas, bees, wasps, flies and other insects. The protective spray Efiten protects the skin and does not leave permanent traces when applied. A study by the Basel Tropical Institute proved its effective protection for more than eight hours. The active ingredients in EFFITAN are natural.

For gentle skin care:

Aloe vera and coconut oil
Ingredients: Water, coconut oil, eucalyptus oil ingredient, sugar surfactant, tartaric acid, coconut fatty acid, aloe vera *, lemongrass, p-value regulator, potassium sorbate
Active ingredient: 15.00% by weight. P-menthane-3,8-diol (eucalyptus citriodor oil)
* From certified organic farming

How to use: Spray those parts of the body that you want to protect. Do not use in children under 3 years. For children the product is administered by an adult. Do not use more than 2 times in 24 hours.

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