Bein_Spray Gruppe 2

Apeiron leg & calf relax spray 30 ml.



strengthens & refreshes with buckeye & grapevine leaf
nourishes tired, swollen,
heavy legs & feet

Precious buckeye, grapevine leaf and arnica extracts relieve and revive tired, tense, swollen and stressed legs and feet, for example after sitting or standing for a long period of time, during work or travel, after physical strain or sports activities. Wonderfully fragrant oils derived from sage, lemongrass and ginger provide the skin with pleasantly cooling, intense nourishment and turn that heavy feeling in your legs into renewed lightness and vitality.

How to use: Spray onto desired areas of skin as needed and lightly massage.
Tip: Enjoy especially refreshing benefits by storing the spray in the refrigerator before use. Additional care: foot & callus peeling soap; revives and relaxes stressed feet.

The pleasantly cooling care contains reviving oils and protecting extracts that nourish and relieve tired, tense, swollen or stressed legs and feet, for example after longer periods of sitting or standing, during work or travel or after sports activities.
How to use: Spray as needed and lightly massage into skin.


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