6752 ALV 3D Rhassoul – Aktiv_Gesichtswasser

Alva Rhassoul Active Facial Tonic – 100ml


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The anti-bacterial properties of naturally pure essential oils combat spots, as well as the bacteria that cause spots, and they continue to work against new outbreaks. Delivers the required amount of moisture for skin regeneration and prepares the skin for further treatment.


water, emulsifier1, glycerin1, tea tree oil*, licorice root extract1, fragrance1, lavandin oil1, aloe vera*, manuka oil2, bergamot oil1, rosemary oil1, citronella oil1, ylang-ylang oil1, antioxidant1, potassium sorbate, citronellol1, geraniol1, linalool1, limonene1, citral1

* ingredient proceeding from organic farming
1 of natural origin
2 wild harvest

Natural Cosmetic certified by ECOCERT SAS F-32600 according to ECOCERT Standards.

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Beautiful Skin Care for blemished, oily and combination skin