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Alva Coleur Deep Black Mascara-10 ml.


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Provides more volume for lashes and exceptional radiance to your eyes. Vibrant and run-proof thanks to gum Arabic (acacia). Nourished by Wellmune, wild rose oil, natural vitamin E and candelilla wax.

water, emulsifying agents, glycerin*, gum arabic juice, rapeseed and tung oil mixture, candelilla wax extract, wheat protein hydrolsate, viscosity regulator, silicate minerals, wild rose oil, wheat germ oil*, vitamin E, wellmune, dehydroacetic acid

* ingredient proceeding from organic farming

May contain: CI 77499

100 % of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
10,2 % of the total ingredients proceed from Organic Farming

Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by ECOCERT SAS F-32600 according to ECOCERT Standards.


Natural decorative cosmetics Coleur

alva Coleur – beauty re-invented

alva proudly introduces Coleur, our innovative new make-up line. Coleur is a mix of the exciting colours you would expect from today’s leading make-up brands, but the real innovation is with the ingredients: they bestow positive immune modulating effects, are suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin, as well as having anti-ageing benefits.

  • alva Coleur uses only natural colouring
  • alva Coleur is the first make-up in the world to use Wellmune, a patented active ingredient that gives an anti-ageing effect
  • alva Coleur is completely talc free
  • alva Coleur powder and rouge are baked and not pressed. This guarantees a silky consistency and naturally de-humidifi es the powder without the addition of binding agents