Sanatur SPIRU®Bear Fruit jellybabies with Spirulina, 100 g


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This sweet vegan treat with Spirulina is no food supplement. SpiruBear jellybabies are simply meant to be a delicious treat.
We love SpiruBear jellybabies because they taste of strawberries and because they contain 2 % healthy Spirulina.

SpiruBear – fruity, delicious!
– Natural strawberry flavour
– Contains no dyes or preservatives
– No gelatine

To produce SpiruBear, a jellybaby mass is heated and mixed with 2 % Spirulina. The mixture of brownish apple pectin and dark green Spirulina produces black liquorice-like sweets.

Suitable for:
– Children, adolescents, adults
– People who wish to add Spirulina to their diet as a sweet can also try our Green Energy drink snack and Green Energy chewing drops.

Sanatur Quality Standard
Sanatur SpiruBear:

• 100 % vegetarian
• With natural strawberry flavour
• With BioSpirulina powder
• Contains no artificial dyes
• Contains no preservatives

Glucose syrup*, crude sugar*, gelling agent: pectin; Spirulina microalgae (2 %), acidifier: citric acid, natural flavour

*Controlled organic cultivation, DE-ÖKO-0011
No gelatine!

With natural strawberry flavour

Organic Spirulina