Honey from Manuka MGO: 80 mg / kg IAA: 5+ New Zealand, 250 g.


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Active honey

Manuka is a shrub plant, a relative of the tea tree and grows wild in uninhabited areas of New Zealand. Manuka has been used for centuries by Tohunga, Maori healers.

The quality of Manuka honey unlike any other honey can be recognized by its antibacterial activity. It is determined by the MGO content in milligrams / kg.

MGO is methylclioxal, the main ingredient in Manuka. The unique effect of Manuka honey is known as the “non-peroxide effect”. Only he has this effect “in vivo”. The IAA trade logo is the guarantee of the label of this force, which is measured and controlled scientifically. The bigger the stronger the effect.

This honey is produced from wild manuka and is guaranteed without pesticides. (Checked for 300 pesticide residues). For daily use or punctually, for consumption, like all other types of honey or for application to the skin.

This honey contains MGO: 80+ / kg. IAA: 5+

Content: 250 g.