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Sanatur Coriander 80 tablets


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Food supplement: Coriander (coriandrum sativum)
The use of real coriander (coriandrum sativum) in herbal medicine dates back to ancient Egypt. Tasting slightly of aniseed, the seeds and the spicy leaves have traditionally been used in the Asian and Central American cuisine because of their digestive and intestinal cleansing properties. Also called “cilantro” or “Chinese parsley”, the leaves are used in detoxifying and body cleansing therapies.

Sanatur coriander tablets taste pleasantly mild and slightly spicy and sweet. The tablets disintegrate in the mouth and can easily be swallowed
or used as lozenges. They can be halved for individual dosage.
Coriander leaves are used to produce Sanatur coriander tablets. A liquid concentrate is made of the freshly harvested leaves, which is then
mixed with lactose, dried and pressed into mild, spicy sweet tablets.

Sanatur Quality Standard
– Natural raw materials for nutrient supply
– Cultivated in Germany

Sanatur coriander tablets:
• 100 % vegetarian
• Contain no fillers, dyes, preservatives

Recommended dosage:
3 x 1 tablet daily
Lactose, coriander leaf essence (38.5 %), separating agent: cellulose, potato starch, Separating agent: magnesium salts extracted from fatty acids
100 % vegetarian
The daily dosage of 3 tablets corresponds to 660 mg coriander leaf essence. We recommend a combination of coriander tablets with Chlorella or Spirulina microalgae.

Sanatur Organic Foods and Nutritional Supplements


More than 25 years of experience with spirulina and chlorella microalgae

Sanatur GmbH was formed in 1983 with the objective in marketing of Spirulina and Chlorella microalgae in Europe.

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