PHYTHOLISTIC® Calcium, 90 Kapseln


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  • 100% plant source of natural calcium, pharmaceutically high quality.
  • To maintain healthy bones and teeth.
  • It does not contain coral calcium
  • Natural (vegan) product from red algae.
  • Maintains healthy bones, muscles and teeth.

Product data

Packaging: Protective dark glass

Ingredients: Red algae extract
Capsule: cellulose

Red algae: France and Argentina

Recommended dose: 3 x 1 capsule daily with plenty of fluids.

Nutritional values for the recommended daily intake (3 capsules).

 720 mg Calcium per day =

 90% от NRV

 54 mg of Magnesium per day = 

14% от NRV

 45 μg of Iodine per day = 

 30% от NRV

Made in: Germany in pharmaceutical high quality.

  • 90 capsules / 1 month package
  • Vegetable calcium capsules from red algae.
  • Without artificial aids and fillers.
  • Without chemical-synthetic calcium citrate.
  • 100% natural product

The mineral calcium is involved in many different processes in the body. Calcium deficiency has a negative effect on well-being and health. Because calcium:

  • Contributes to the preservation of bones and teeth.
  • Supports muscle function and energy metabolism.
  • Supports the transmission of signals between nerve cells.
  • Supports normal blood clotting and normal function of digestive enzymes.
  • It plays an important role in the process of cell division.

Conventional preparations often contain only the chemical-synthetic calcium citrate, which is an artificial imitation of a natural mineral. PHYTHOLISTIC® calcium offers natural pure substances from the powerful skeleton of red algae. The plant material is simply dried and ground after harvest, providing a calcium extract with many natural concomitants such as magnesium, iodine and other trace elements, collected in a pure calcium complex directly from nature.

3 capsules daily throughout the day, between meals with plenty of fluids.
Note: For very good calcium absorption, avoid calcium with a combination of vitamin D and K2.
Avoid using concomitant dietary supplements, iron or zinc, tea, coffee or dairy products.

PHYTHOLISTIC® calcium is of pure natural origin and provides the vital mineral concentrated with the valuable accompanying substances of magnesium and iodine. PHYTHOLISTIC® calcium consists of 100% red algae and does not contain synthetic fillers and excipients, as well as coral calcium. PHYTHOLISTIC® Calcium is a 100% high quality product that maintains healthy bones, muscles and teeth.

Contents: 90 (vegan) capsules
Admission for 1 month

Important: This food supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Storage: The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children. Store in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight.


Phytholistic®Cellavent Healthcare GmbH, Organic food supplements


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In 2013, the CEO of Cellavent Healthcare GmbH Germany created high-quality, high-end organic food supplements for human health and a healthy lifestyle.

With its huge potential and a specialized team of doctors and research partners with many years of experience, PHYTHOLISTIC® is one of the fastest growing German companies in Europe and the world.

Quality standards:

Thanks to decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, PHYTHOLISTIC® realizes that conventional medicine deals only with the treatment of diseases, without affecting the preventive lifestyle. That's why Marcus Haag presents the idea of ​​innovative medicine "Healthy aging"

Phytholistic, Cellavent Healthcare is revolutionizing the world of organic food supplements, offering holistic and organic vitamins, minerals and trace elements with naturally high bioavailability.

For the first time in Bulgaria, and only with us, you can find the highest quality PHYTHOLISTIC® products, which we deliver directly from manufacturers in Germany, which arrive directly manufactured and labeled by the factories of Phytholistic, Cellavent Healthcare.

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