PHYTHOLISTIC® Activ Natural active complex for healthy bones and joints, 90 capsules

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  • Natural active complex in pharmaceutical quality from 100% vegetable source
  • Helps maintain normal bones and teeth
  • Improved usability through original plant matrix
  • Natural and vegan from red algae, lichens and valuable vitamin K2
  • For the sake of nature, we do not use calcium from corals

Product data

Packaging: Protective dark glass

Ingredients: Vegan red algae and lichen extract, Vitamin K2 granules
Capsule: cellulose

ORIGIN: Red algae: France & Argentina
Lichen: England (Great Britain)
Vitamin K2: Denmark

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 3 capsules a day



 672 mg per capsule


 48 mg per capsule

 Vitamin K2

  75 μg per capsule


 42 μg per capsule

  Vitamin D3

 20 μg per capsule


MADE IN: Germany under pharmaceutical quality

PHYTHOLISTIC® Activ: The active complex is based on natural extracts of red algae and sea lichens from the Atlantic Ocean, in combination with valuable vitamin K2.

Calcium from red algae and vitamin D3 from sea lichens are accompanied by powerful natural substances. PHYTHOLISTIC® does not use synthetic fillers and additives, so you get the best of nature.

  • 90 capsules / pack for 1 month.
  • 3 capsules provide calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, iodine and vitamin D3 *
  • Plant bio active complex in pharmaceutical class
  • 100% High quality product
  • 100% Organic red algae and sea lichen.
  • The product is not made of coral
  • No artificial aids and no fillers.

Phytholistic®Cellavent Healthcare GmbH, Organic food supplements


100% pure products
Certified organic products / Germany

In 2013, the CEO of Cellavent Healthcare GmbH Germany created high-quality, high-end organic food supplements for human health and a healthy lifestyle.

With its huge potential and a specialized team of doctors and research partners with many years of experience, PHYTHOLISTIC® is one of the fastest growing German companies in Europe and the world.

Quality standards:

Thanks to decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, PHYTHOLISTIC® realizes that conventional medicine deals only with the treatment of diseases, without affecting the preventive lifestyle. That's why Marcus Haag presents the idea of ​​innovative medicine "Healthy aging"

Phytholistic, Cellavent Healthcare is revolutionizing the world of organic food supplements, offering holistic and organic vitamins, minerals and trace elements with naturally high bioavailability.

For the first time in Bulgaria, and only with us, you can find the highest quality PHYTHOLISTIC® products, which we deliver directly from manufacturers in Germany, which arrive directly manufactured and labeled by the factories of Phytholistic, Cellavent Healthcare.

PURE ROOTS LTD does not guarantee the quality of products imported into Bulgaria from other countries, processed or repackaged, on which labels the company and the logo of PURE ROOTS LTD do not exist.