Manuka Honey 550+ MGO from New Zealand, 250g

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From the Maori healers to modern science

The Manuka is a shrub plant, a relative of the tea tree and grows wild in the unpopulated regions of New Zealand.

The Manuka is used for centuries by the Tohunga, the Maori healers.

The quality of Manuka honey and unlike other honey can be recognized from the antibacterial activity of Manuka. It is given by the MGO content in mg / kg.

MGO is methylglyoxal, the main ingredient of Manuka. The unique effect of Manuka honey is known as “non-peroxidic potency”. It has the only effect “in vivo”. The IAA trademark on the label guarantees this strength, which is measured and controlled scientifically.

This honey is produced from wild Manuka and guaranteed pesticide free. (Tested for 300 pesticide residues).

Use:For daily or occasional use, for consumption as all other honeys or for application to the skin.

This honey has an MGO: 550 mg / kg

The IAA: 15+

Content 250 g

Manufacturer: allcura Naturheilmittel GmbH, Germany