Sanatur Organic Wild Wormwood – Herbal Extract 30 ml.

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Alcoholic herbal extract, Organic, 40% vol

Wild Wormwood is a perennial herbaceous plant with a bitter bitter taste. It is both fragrant and bitter.

Sanatur Wild Wormwood:

  • from 100% organic farming in Germany
  • 100% manual processing (collected and processed manually)
  • 100% rainwater, in interference-free fields
  • saturated extract plus microfine purified water

Ingredients: water, organic alcohol *, wormwood *

  * From certified organic farming, DE-ÖKO-001 Germany

Nutritional Information: for 100 ml / 5 (drops)


 972 kJ/235 kcal  /  2.4 kJ/ 0,6 kcal.

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More than 25 years of experience with spirulina and chlorella microalgae

Sanatur GmbH was formed in 1983 with the objective in marketing of Spirulina and Chlorella microalgae in Europe.

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