Organic Noni Juice, 500 ml.


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Organic juice from Noni fruit

From selected ripe fruits, which are collected from the wild, virgin nature and from which 100% pure juice is extracted, by careful processing.

* From certified organic farming DE-ÖKO-001

Ingredients: 100% pure Noni fruit juice

100% juice in a glass


With high blood pressure
Strengthening and strengthening the immune system
In inflammatory processes
In severe pain
In disorders of the digestive and cardiac systems
In the presence of tumors in the initial stage of their growth
In depressive states
In sleep disorders and insomnia
In osteoarthritis
Helps with hair loss
With asthma and allergies
In case of insect bites
Helps with diets – fast weight loss and in the fight against cellulite
Helps with skin problems
In diseases of the prostate
In male infertility
Supports the functions of the liver and circulatory system
Helps with inflammation of the colon
In menstrual pain
In osteoporosis
Manufacturer: allcura Naturheilmittel GmbH, Germany

Contents: 500 ml.

Take 30 ml. daily or about 2 tablespoons before meals. It can be taken pure or mixed with other juices.

Storage: In a dry and cool place. Shake the bottle before use. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and use within 3 weeks.

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Allcura Naturheilmittel GmbH 

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Allcura Naturheilmittel GmbH has been one of the leading German organic products companies in Germany for more than thirty-five years. The wide range of organic products includes capsules, tablets, juices and ointments with valuable ingredients.

For the first time in Bulgaria, and only with us, you can find the highest quality Allcura products, which we deliver directly from manufacturers in Germany, which arrive directly manufactured and labeled by Allcura factories.


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