Sanatur Alfalfa Powder 90g


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Rich in dietary fibre

100 % German uncooked vegetarian quality
Alfalfa is the Arabic name for lucerne grass and means “father of all food”

  • Made from German organic quality
    seeds only
  • The dietary fibre content is approx. 50 % (finished product)

The standardised, mild drying method guarantees:
– Uncooked vegetarian quality using
temperatures of up to 40°C

This is essential for:
• High dietary fibre nutrition
• Intestinal cleansing

Suitable for:
– People who attach importance to
high dietary fibre nutrition
– During or after fasting

Contains no gluten

Sanatur Quality Standard

– Uncooked vegetarian quality, controlled
organic cultivation
– Food as natural nutrient supply
– Cultivated in Germany
Sanatur Alfalfa:
• 100 % herbal
• Harvested at the time of the highest nutrient concentration
• Dried at room temperature
• Extra-fine grinding
• Contains no fillers, dyes, preservatives
• Safe and environmentally friendly packaging

Alfalfa is the Arabic term for blue lucerne and means something like “father of all food”. A just description, because the plant used to be and is part of our staple food and requires no special soil or environmental qualities. Growing up to 1 metre in height, Alfalfa develops a root network of up to 4.5 metres, making it resistant and able to cope without rain for long periods. Its property to bind nitrogen from the air and storing it in the soil by
means of bacteria enables it to grow on soil which naturally does not contain nitrogen. Hence, lucerne is a precious food plant for man, beast and the soil itself.

Recommended dosage:
1 teaspoon alfalfa powder mixed with
250 ml fruit or vegetable juice or water
first thing in the morning, or stirred into
broth at lunchtime.
Mild, dry taste
Alfalfa powder* (100 %)
*Controlled organic cultivation, DE-ÖKO-001
100 % natural, 100 % herbal
Approx. 51 g dietary fibre per 100 g