Sanatur SPIRU® Organic Iron 90 capsules


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Iron (Fe) is a vital element to health, because it is involved in building a number of enzymes and proteins.

•100 % Organic • Vegan • 100% plant product

Without gluten, no lactose, no iodine, no sugar, no additives, 100% organic

Ingredients: Beet pulp * 43%, curry leaf extract 38% *, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (capsule),

* From certified organic farming, DE-ÖKO-001, agriculture outside the EU

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule daily with a lot of fluid.

vegetarian capsule

Packaging: Dark brown glass

1 capsule = 7 mg (50% *) of iron for daily intake

* Percentage of reference nutritional values according to LMIV

Content: 90 capsules = 54 g


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More than 25 years of experience with spirulina and chlorella microalgae

Sanatur GmbH was formed in 1983 with the objective in marketing of Spirulina and Chlorella microalgae in Europe.

Pure Roots Ltd. is the first company that exclusively represents Sanatur GmbH. for Bulgaria