PHYTHOLISTIC® Calcium 90 Kapseln


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Supports healthy bones, muscles and teeth.

720 mg calcium per day = 90% of NRV
54 mg of magnesium per day = 14% of NRV
45 μg of iodine per day = 30% of NRV

Ingredients: Red algae extract
Capsule: cellulose

Red algae: France and Argentina

Recommended dose: 3×1 capsule daily with copious amounts of liquid.

Made in: Germany

90 capsules / 1 month pack
Provides recommended daily intake of 720 mg calcium, 54 mg magnesium and 45 μg iodine.
High digestibility and tolerability.
Vegetable calcium capsules of red algae.
No artificial accessories and fillers.
Free from chemical synthetic calcium citrate.

PHYTHOLISTIC® Organic food supplements

The CEO of Cellavent Healthcare GmbH, has added the natural nutritional supplement vision to human health and well-being. With a team of physicians, external research partners and long-time companions, he founded Cellavent Healthcare in 2013 in order to best implement the high quality standards for useful products. Through decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he became aware that conventional medicine has only the treatment of diseases in view, but the preventive lifestyle is hardly considered. Therefore, Marcus Haag represents the idea of pioneering medicine Healthy Aging like no other – because prevention is better than the acute treatment of diseases. With Phytholistic, Cellavent Healthcare is revolutionizing the world of nutritional supplementation, offering holistic and herbal vitamins, minerals and trace elements with naturally high bioavailability.