PHYTHOLISTIC® Activ Natural active complex 90 capsules


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  • Natural active complex in pharmaceutical quality from 100% vegetable source
  • Helps maintain normal bones and teeth
  • Improved usability through original plant matrix
  • Natural and vegan from red algae, lichens and valuable vitamin K2
  • For the sake of nature, we do not use calcium from corals


Calcium: 672 mg per capsule

Magnesium: 48 mg per capsule
Vitamin K2: 75 μg per capsule
Iodine: 42 μg per capsule
Vitamin D3: 20 μg per capsule

Ingredients: Vegan red algae and lichen extract
Vitamin K2 granules
Capsule: cellulose

ORIGIN: Red algae: France & Argentina
Lichen: England (Great Britain)
Vitamin K2: Denmark

* Daily amount: calcium 672mg, magnesium 48mg, vitamin K2 75μg, iodine 42μg, vitamin D320 μg

Our phytholistic active complex is based on natural extracts from Atlantic red algae and lichens, supplemented by vitamin K2. Calcium from the red algae and vitamin D3 from lichens are accompanied by native plant substances. For our Phytholistic Aktiv we consistently do without synthetic fillers and additives.


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The CEO of Cellavent Healthcare GmbH, has added the natural nutritional supplement vision to human health and well-being. With a team of physicians, external research partners and long-time companions, he founded Cellavent Healthcare in 2013 in order to best implement the high quality standards for useful products. Through decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he became aware that conventional medicine has only the treatment of diseases in view, but the preventive lifestyle is hardly considered. Therefore, Marcus Haag represents the idea of pioneering medicine Healthy Aging like no other – because prevention is better than the acute treatment of diseases. With Phytholistic, Cellavent Healthcare is revolutionizing the world of nutritional supplementation, offering holistic and herbal vitamins, minerals and trace elements with naturally high bioavailability.