Sanatur Organic Spirulina & Chlorella 2 in 1 tablets, 750 pieces / 300 g Naturland


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Pure organic Spirulina- and organic Chlorella- microalgae powder mixed 1: 1. This product combines the specific properties of both microalgae in an ideal manner. It is often used during fasting and change in diet.

Sanatur organic Spirulina &  organic Chlorella microalgae contains vitamin A (from provitamin A), iron,

Vitamin B12 and folic acid.

  • Naturland

These substances contribute:

  • the normal function of the immune system (provitamin A, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12)
  • to reduce tiredness (provitamin A, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12)
  • for normal hematopoiesis (iron, folic acid, vitamin B12)
  • for normal cognitive functions (iron)


Spirulina algae Chlorella pyrenoidosa micro powder * (50%), Spirulina platensis microalgae powder * (50%)

* From certified organic cultivation

The quality of the microalgae is tested independently in Germany, monitored by GBA regarding:

Bacteria, spores, algae toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, irradiation.


Organic spirulina and chlorella